Monday, August 4, 2008

Support locally grown

On Sunday, I visited the Minneapolis Farmer’s market. We are in high season for buying locally grown fruits and vegetables. It was amazing to see all the great looking produce. It also smelled so good. In the case of the Minneapolis Farmers Market, not everything is locally grown. This is not the case in other markets. When shopping there, make sure you ask.

Take the time to visit a farmers market, a roadside stand and support those who work so hard to grow locally grown produce.

For information on farmers markets throughout Minnesota, click here.

For information on the Minneapolis Farmers Market click here.

For information on the Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis click here.

For information on the St. Paul Farmers Market click here.

For all of the readers in Wisconsin here is a link to farmers markets in Wisconsin.

Make your day a good one.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I receive more emails that are lawn related than everything else combined.
A few answers to some of the recent emails.
Lawn seeding – mid-August to about mid-September is the best time of year to seed a lawn. Yes, it’s better than the spring. Why? Both the soil temps and air temps are warmer which leads to better germination.
For more information on lawn seeding, click here.

Creeping Charlie – This time of year, it can look like it is going to take over your yard and it probably is. The best time of year to get rid of creeping Charlie is after the first light frost…which I hope is a long ways away. Don’t spray your lawn with herbicides during these hot days of summer.
For more information on creeping Charlie, click here.

Friday, August 1, 2008


It’s a bumper year for weeds…at least in my yard. Last year, I didn’t practice exactly what I preach and that is keeping the weeds in your yard from going to seed. One weed allowed to go to seed this year will produce countless weeds the next year. That is the case in my yard right now. So, if you have weeds in your yard, keep them under control.

Make your day a good one.