Monday, October 8, 2007

Record-breaking heat

Well Saturday afternoon turned out to be nice or at least not raining. Record breaking heat in October? It felt like July out there. I fertilized the lawn and turned off the bubbling rock water feature that I built this past spring. The leaves were starting to fall from the trees and rather then risking have them plug up the pump, it was time to shut it down for the winter.

Here is a useful tip I learned a few years ago, but have never had to use because I have not had a water feature in my yard until this year. When you take the pump from your water garden, fountain or any other water feature and bring indoors for the winter, put it in a bucket of water for the winter months. This keeps the gaskets and rubber fittings in the pump from drying out which will in turn extend the life of your pump.

Make your day a good one.