Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deck the Halls

It’s the annual “Deck the Halls” event at my house this weekend. It will start with me driving to Southern MN to pick up my niece Kelsey who will come back up to Minneapolis with me to help decorate my house from top to bottom. Three trees - yes that is correct, three - two in the living room and one in the lower level.

When lighting your tree, start from the top and work down. It’s a lot easier to use up any extra lights around the bottom of the tree rather than at the top. Run a power strip up to the middle of the tree and plug the cords in to the power strip. If you mix colored lights and clear lights, which does look nice, keep the 60/40 rule in mind. Use 60% of one type and 40% of the other.
I’ll be showing you some pics of my house in the days and weeks to come.

Make your day a good one.