Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The “Other” Geraniums

When it comes to geraniums, most people think of the standard annual geranium, the ivy geranium, Martha Washington geranium and finally the scented geranium. All of those are annual geraniums. What most people either forget about or don’t know about is the “other” geranium – the perennial ones. These are a must in any perennial garden. They start blooming about this time of year…well, actually a bit earlier – everything is late this year. They are unbelievably reliable, hardy and easy to care for. The blooms range in color from whites, pinks and blues. They range in height from about 12-18 or more inches.

Here is a picture of one blooming in my yard right now.

For more information on perennial geraniums, click here.

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