Friday, July 3, 2009

Giant Hosta

Several people emailed me after my posting on shade plants asking how I get my hosta to be so large. Here are a few tips:

First look at the tags or signs when you buy them. Look for varieties that will get at least 30" or more in height. There are so many types of hosta to choose from that it is hard to put a list together, but the tags will tell you. If you don't start with a variety that gets large, there is no way you can get a huge plant.

Next, plant in filtered shade. Mine are under a honeylocust tree. It is not full shade but dappled shade. Fertilize them every spring with an all purpose fertilizer. Finally, never and I mean never divide them. Mine have been planted for nine years and have never been divided and never will be.

For more information on growing hostas, click here.

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