Friday, October 6, 2006

Another Perfect Day...

Another perfect day and once again, it barely feels like fall.

I finally found some time to do some quick fall decorating last night in my front yard. Usually I do the planters near the front door, but they look just too good to pull out and since a killing frost is not in the forecast, I just nestled some pumpkins in amongst the green and white foliages.

Further down the sidewalk and closer to the street I took two planters-one is sitting on the steps; the other is just to the side of the steps on the ground.

I drove a 4 foot stake through the hole in the pot that is sitting on the ground and then packed the pot full of leaves. Once that was done, I slide three pumpkins down on the stake – this part was very easy to do.

The pot that is sitting on the sidewalk was also filled with leaves –a large pumpkin was placed on the leaves as if it were growing in the pot.

Two garden mums in wicker baskets complete my quick and easy fall look. In fifteen minutes I had this all done and it gave my neighbors something new to look at in my front yard. Enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend.