Friday, June 1, 2007

Where Did May Go?

Is it June already? Where did May go? What a great gardening month it was. For the most part the weather was nearly perfect. Yeah, there were a few warm days and a few chilly nights, but as the month of May goes, this was not that bad. We still could use some more rain and it looks like a little more is on its way this weekend.

If your lawn is looking a little dry it would be a good idea to water it now and not wait for the rain. Keep in mind that about one inch of water per week will keep most lawns looking good. This is also the time of year that I raise my lawn mower up a bit. Longer grass will shade the soil, keeping it cooler. Cooler soil needs less watering. I raised the blade on my mower last night.

My weekend will be spent getting ready for my annual Brunch in the Gardens on Sunday. Next to gardening and being out in the yard, there is nothing more that I like to do then entertaining and as entertaining goes a brunch is pretty easy even if it is for 40 people. Hopefully the rain we need will arrive and be gone by Sunday morning – my fingers are crossed.

I’m often asked about this time of year if it is to late to plant. The short answer is absolutely not. We may be past Memorial Day, but the summer has not even started. I’m busy adding plants and changing up my yard all summer long.

I’ll be back here next week with details on one of the two yard projects that I will be doing during the month of June.

Make your weekend a good one.