Tuesday, August 21, 2007

European Vacation

I’m back. Yesterday I got back from an amazing vacation with lots of friends in Europe. 19 days to be exact. Most of our time was spent in Italy, but we also spent some time in Greece, Malta, Croatia and Sicily while on a Mediterranean cruise. It was the trip of a lifetime. Once I get caught up and past the State Fair, I will post a few more pictures from the trip. Here are a couple photos from Venice, which was a breathtaking city.

After being gone for 19 days, I was worried about how my yard would look? To my surprise it actually looked better then when I left. My neighbor’s son did a great job of keeping the lawn mowed and he didn’t have to worry about watering since Mother Nature did a good job of taking care of that. Lots of tomatoes were harvested, but there are still plenty more to ripen, so I will be enjoying those for weeks to come.

Make your day a good one.