Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Mom's who read this, I wish you a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day. You deserve it!

There is the window of opportunity in our yards and garden each spring where you can do almost anything. The time varies from year to year. Right now we are in the midst of that window.

Here is a partial list of everything that can be done:
dividing perennials
seeding a lawn
putting down lawn fertilizer
treating for dandelions
putting down crabgrass control
planting annuals and perennials
starting a vegetable garden
starting water fountains and water gardens
planting flower and vegetable seeds
starting a herb garden
mulching gardens and beds

About the only thing that I can think of right now that you should NOT be doing is any pruning of trees, shrubs and evergreens.

Make your day and weekend a good one.

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