Friday, July 21, 2006

Some is Better Than None

Finally some much needed rain. Unfortunately it came down to fast and we didn’t get enough, but some is better then none. I have been keeping everything watered in my yard during the dry spell, but there is nothing like a rain to really freshen everything up. It looks as though the forecast still has a chance of rain during the next couple of days. Anything we can get will help.

I spent some time at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market this past weekend. I had not been there for a couple weeks and there was just an amazing amount of locally grown produce - including the first sweet corn, which was nothing short of delicious. I tend to alternate visits to both the Minneapolis Farmer's Market and the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.

Minneapolis is far more convenient for me, but I like the St. Paul Farmer’s Market because everything is locally grown - you won’t find oranges, artichokes and other produce that just doesn’t grow here.

I’m also lucky that between my office and my house, is a neighborhood stand that just went up, so I can stop any day of the week and pick up some fresh summer produce.

You can visit the MN Grown web site and find a grower in your area. Having been raised on a farm near Le Sueur, MN and a gardener my entire life, I know how much work it is to grow and sell vegetables. So, visit a roadside stand or a farmer’s market. Not only will you get some great produce, you will be supporting a local grower and businessperson who are working in one very hard business.