Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Parade of Ponds is Near

I should have mentioned this back in June, but if you are watering your lawn and it is green and growing, raise your lawn mower up so the grass stays longer even after a cutting.

In the spring my lawn is about two inches long right after mowing; now it is at least three inches long after mowing. The biggest advantage in doing this is that the longer grass creates more of a shadow, which in turn keeps the soil cooler and that means I have to water less. My lawn is still perfectly green -(except for a few dogs spots in the back - thanks Harley) it only gets the one inch of water per week that I have talked about before.

Look closely at those lawns that are completely brown and one thing you will notice is how short the grass is. I’m 100 percent convinced the longer grass is what is making the difference in my yard.

This weekend and next is the Parade of Ponds. I have gone on this tour of water gardens the past few years and have seen some very unique and exciting gardens. Tickets can also be ordered by calling 763-392-5937.