Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Weekend is Here

The weekend is here - you have to love short work weeks during the summer months. As of now, it looks like the weather has just a chance of scattered rain. Maybe that will change - since we could sure use it.

I was asked the other day about lawn watering. The person had not watered his lawn at all this summer and it was now brown. He wanted to know how quickly it would green up if he started watering. Once a lawn has gone dormant from lack of water, there is no guarantee that it will green up once watering has started during the heat of summer. Once temperatures cool down a bit and the lawn gets water then it surely will green up. All that being said, it does help to give your lawn a deep watering even if it is brown. Even a dormant (brown) lawn is still living. Getting some water down by the roots will ensure that it comes out of dormancy.