Thursday, April 19, 2007

A New Season

Ready - Set - Go

Here we go for another season of home and gardening blogging. Like last year, I’ll give you a glimpse into what is going on in my own yard and tell you what you should be doing and not doing as we go through the spring and summer.

Our weather finally looks like it is turning around and some warmer days are ahead. I was out of town the weekend we had the 70 degree days, so I have a lot to do this weekend in my yard including:

1) Cut back all the perennials, rake and bag up.
2) Cut back the spirea shrubs to ground level.
3) Get the furniture out of the garage and on the deck.
4) If it is dry enough, rake the lawn and bag up all the leaves.
5) Plant some pansies in the front planters.

I mentioned pruning the spirea. At this time of year you should ONLY prune summer blooming shrubs which include the spirea, potentilla and hydrangea. Leave everything else alone - that includes trees and evergreens.

Other then raking the lawn right now, there is nothing else you should be doing now with your lawn. Wait for a couple more weeks to put down grass seed. Let the soil warm up first. It’s also way to early to put down anything on your lawn for crabgrass control or dandelion control. As a rule of thumb, crabgrass control should be put down when the lilacs are blooming.

Make your weekend a good one!