Monday, May 21, 2007

Breaking News...

…and now for what I call my own breaking news. I finally have my yard under control. All the planters are done; the climbing roses pruned, new white clematis planted and the lawn is looking great.

Here is an email from a viewer that I thought would be of interest.

I love watching your stories. What flowers are good for attracting more hummingbirds to my patio? I'm looking for flowers that would do best in patio pots and or planters. We all ready have feeders for them. Also is there a type of birdhouse I could get so they might nest too?

Thank you for taking the time for my question,

If you already have hummingbirds in your yard, you are off to a great start. It took me 4 years in my currant yard before I saw the first hummingbird. I had two feeders out during that time and no takers. The most important thing to keep in mind with your hummingbird feeders is to clean them often and replace the sugar solution.

They are most attracted to flowers with tubular necks – think of flowers that are long. A few examples include: fuchsia, mandevilla, dipladenia and petunias. Once you have attracted hummingbirds to your yard, they will be attracted to many different flowers; the key is just getting them to your yard. For more information on hummingbirds, click here.

Hummingbirds don’t nest like many birds in a birdhouse, so there is no commercial birdhouse made. Most of their nests are in trees. Here are some pictures of humming bird nests.

That’s all for today.

Make your day a good one.