Friday, May 18, 2007

A Time to Plant

The weekend is here and it looks like a mixed bag when it comes to the weather. Hopefully it will hold off until later Saturday. I have lots of yard play to do…remember I never call it yard work.

What will I be doing? Well, for the most part it’s time to plant all those containers. I have filled them with fresh soil, ocmocote slow release fertilizer and soil moist Now the real fun begins - it is planting time. I have mentioned that I’m going with a bright tangerine color this year as my theme. Tangerine colored impatiens and tuberous begonias will be planted in the shade. Crotons and orange zinnias with some chartreuse colored potato vines will be planted in the sun. I’ll get some pictures taken and posted here next week.

Once I get the planters done, then it is time to prune the dead canes out of my massive Ramblin Red climbing roses. Oh yeah, the lawn should be mowed too.

If we don’t get some much-needed rain then it will be time to drag out the sprinkler. Remember an inch of water per week, which is best given all at one time. Depending on the type of sprinkler, this could take at least four or more hours – put out a rain gauge to see how long it takes.

Weather permitting, I will be in my yard Sunday Morning during the 8:00 hour of 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS WEEKEND MORNING doing a couple of segments. Tune in and see what I’m up to.

Make your weekend a good one