Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Back to Reality

…..and that’s a wrap. Wow! The twelve days of the Fair are over. Thanks to everyone who came out and said hello. It was great meeting all of you during the run of the Fair.

Now, it’s back to reality. Tonight it is mowing the lawn. It was (and I hate to say this) almost two weeks since it got mowed last. Yikes, it’s long.

Speaking of lawns, if yours needs re seeding, you better get at it now. Ideally grass seed should be put down by mid September to get it growing and to give the root system time to establish before the ground freezes. If you need to get some seed down, get that project on your weekend to do list.

This is also a perfect time of year to start peas, lettuce and radish. Just like during the spring, these plants thrive on cooler temperatures. They grow even faster at this time of year because they are being seeded in warm soil versus the cold spring soil. It’s one last chance to grow some garden fresh vegetables.

Enjoy your day.