Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fall is for Planting

Fall is for planting – this saying has been around for years and yes, it’s true!

There is still ample time to plant trees, shrubs and evergreens. Why is fall so good? One reason being is that the soil temperatures are warm. In the spring, we have warm air temps, but cool soil. At this time of year, the air and soil are warm so the plants are able to establish themselves faster. The most important thing to keep in mind when planting in the fall is to make sure that the plants are kept well watered until the ground freezes. This is true for any plants. Well watered plants will not dehydrate as easily during the long winter months.

Another good reason to plant now – you can find lots of plants on sale.

I have a couple of boxwood I want to plant yet this year and tonight will be perfect to get it done.

Enjoy your day.