Friday, September 15, 2006

Protect Your Plants

Wow - I thought this seemed early and after doing a little research, I found the median dates of low temperature chart from the University of Minnesota. I was right, this is a bit early, the average frost in Minneapolis is October 7.

If you are going to protect your plants keep these tips in mind.
-Use a fabric such as a bed sheet - it breaths letting moisture out.

-Don’t use plastic - it does not give much protection and does not breathe.
-Use stakes to make a tent - it's best not to have the fabric right on the plants.
-Use rocks or weights to hold the fabric down so it does not blow away.
-Keep the fabric over the plants in the morning until the temps are at least in the mid 30’s.

Also, tropical plants such as hibiscus should be brought indoors. It does not have to get in the low 30s to cause damage on these warm weather loving plants. Even temps as low at 40 degrees can cause them to look pretty rough.

Make your day a good one - I’ll be covering plants tonight.