Friday, June 9, 2006

Attention Getters

As we head into the weekend, I plan on taking it easy, with no plans to do much in the yard other then some watering as needed.

Back on May 18, I talked about the fact that I really don’t have a "favorite" plant. Like I said before, there are lots of plants I really don’t like for one reason or another, but I don’t have a tried and true favorite. Here are a couple more that have caught my attention right now.

My Japanese Tree Lilac is blooming right now in my yard. You can find this tree in a clump form similar to a birch clump or as a single trunk tree. I have the single trunk version. It generally blooms during the first couple of weeks of June. The large creamy cloud like blooms are very fragrant.

Perennial geraniums are in my opinion an under utilized plant in the perennial garden. They bloom in the spring - look good all summer and can tolerate partial shade to full sun. There are countless different varieties. Like all perennials, they look best when planted in a grouping of three or more.