Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Belated First Day of Summer!

As we head into these first days of summer, my endless summer hydrangeas have burst into bloom. This plant came onto the market with much fanfare and hoopla a few years ago. I planted several back then, a few did not survive the first winter, but the remaining ones all came back this year and are doing exceptionally well.

There are a number of other hydrangeas that I have in my garden that due extremely well such as the compact peegee, annabelle, and Kyushu.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you are growing any hydrangea is that the plants name starts with "hydra" meaning water. To flourish and look good they need lots of water. I have nicknamed my endless summer hydrangeas - endless watering hydrangeas - but all the watering is worth it when I look out and see all the blue clumps of flowers.

As we head into the weekend, grab the garden hose; give those planters, shrubs and lawns a big drink of water to keep them going.

Make this first weekend of summer a good one - I’ll have more for you next week If you have full sun in your garden and are looking for some perennials that perform well and can tolerate those conditions watch EYEWITNESS NEWS at 6:30 on Wednesday for my list of 5 great perennials for full sun.