Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shade Loving Plants

What a string of nothing but incredible days - perfect for any outdoor activity. It’s been awhile since I have thanked Dave Dahl and everyone else in the weather center. Like I said once before, they get blamed for the bad weather, so why not give them a kudos for the good weather.

In last week’s segment, I talked about 5 perfect plants for shade - but since time didn’t allow getting into the details here is the list of the 5 with some specific varieties. There are countless more varieties that could fall into each category. These are just a few that I like since the all have great foliage. Since most of the shade loving plants don’t have the impressive flowers that sun loving perennials do, I look for shade loving plants that have unique colors, shapes and textures in their foliages to create more interest.

-Color Flash
-Visions in Red

Coral Bells
-Crimson Curls
-Plum Pudding
-Swirling Fantasy

-Winter Glow

-Berries and Cream
-Cotton Cool
-Raspberry Splash

-Paul’s Glory
-Regal Splendor
-Robert Frost
-Wide Brim

That’s all for today - I’ll be back with some more tomorrow.

Make it a great day.