Friday, June 30, 2006

Clean Up Your Flowers

The last day of June - already - where did the month go?

My weekend will be filled with BBQ's and getting a few things done in the yard.

When I moved into this house seven years ago, I had a sun filled back yard and put in those perennials that loved sun. Last year at about this time, all of those plants were moved out, since the very back of my yard was now shady since the rose covered gazebo and a couple of trees were now casting shadows. I replaced those plants with shade loving perennials (See the list from a couple days ago if you want to know exactly what those plants are).

It’s been a year and everything looks great, but it is time to fill in with a few more. So, this weekend, I will be planting a few more hosta, some astilbe and a few other yet to be determined shade loving plants. Now that I have Harley (my bulldog) around, planting takes much longer as he has to help.

I will also spend some time deadheading--my ramblin' red climbing roses and any other annuals that may need this done.

It is important to keep cutting the dead flowers of your plants so they don’t spend their energy trying to produce seeds. You want all the energy going back into the plant. So there are my plans for this long weekend - eating, planting and deadheading. Oh yea, throw in some dog walks and rollerblading too.

Enjoy the weekend and have a great July 4 Holiday.