Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Harley the Bulldog

Some time ago I mentioned a distraction or maybe it was something that was keeping me from getting my yard projects done. In the world of TV, that is called a "tease." So, that being said - here is the latest addition to my yard and garden. His name is Harley. I’ve had him for one month and he is now six months old.

Don’t let the picture fool you - he is not that tough. He is all bulldog and with that comes stubbornness and lots of attitude. I can report that after one month, we are having a good time and all is going well - he is just a 32 pound sweetheart who loves everybody and every other dog that he has met.

I knew that a few plants would be lost along the way now that he has the run of the backyard and I was right - a few hostas along the fence between my neighbor’s yard and my yard are gone. Other then that, everything else looks fine.

Almost every dog owner with a yard has problems with lawn spotting caused by dog urine. Luckily, I have been able to train Harley to take care of business in one area of the yard that is covered with wood chips. I put the soaker hose in that area a couple times a week to wash everything down. There are countless things that I know people do to help with the lawn spotting problems from feeding the dog a special diet, pills for the dog, using lime or gypsum on the lawn, etc.

Shortly after Harley arrived I found out about a new product called Guard Dog - Lawn Protectant.

I have used this for the last month for those times when Harley decides to take his break in the lawn rather then in the wood chipped area and so far it seems to be working very well. I have a few spots in the lawn in those areas that I missed, so I can tell that it is working in the areas that I spray it on.