Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ugh! Slugs!

Last night I noticed the first small holes in my hosta leaves. These irregular shaped holes are caused by slugs.

Slugs feed at night and can rarely be found during the day. They need cool, damp and shady locations to live and that’s what makes the shade loving hosta a perfect place for them to hang out. They generally will not kill the plant, but leave them unsightly by making holes in the leaves.

There are a number of commercial products available such as Sluggo which works very well. A natural way to control slugs and trust me - this one works is to take a small plastic saucer or container and bury it in the ground so the rim is level with the soil. Open a can of beer.

Any type of beer will do since the slugs are not fussy and I have tried them all (on the slugs that is). Pour the beer in the container. The slugs will be attracted to the smell of the beer and crawl during the night to the container, fall in and die a happy death. In a few days dump out the contents and start over.

I’ll have some more posted here tomorrow including the latest addition to my home (and garden).